Monday, October 26, 2009

Ivan Day's Dessert Tables

Ivan Day created a dessert table in two U.S. museums with his exquisite sugar creations and extensively researched food displays.

A dessert with ice cream table was at one of Marjorie Merriweather Post's homes, now Hillwood Museum and Gardens, Washington DC. The second installation of a recreated dessert table was part of Imperial Privilege: Vienna Porcelain of Du Paquier, 1718–44 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC.

In 1718, Du Paquier became the second true porcelain factory and in 1744 was taken over by the state. Listen to an informative podcast interview with Ivan Day, or click on bottom right "read entire transcript" link. Podcast . Day based his sugar paste pavilions and artificial flowers - both paper and pastillage, on the engraving: The Feast of the Oath of Allegiance, Vienna, 1740.

The second display, in DC, entitled Sèvres Then and Now: Tradition & Innovation in Porcelain, 1750-2000 put together by Liana Paredes Arend, includes the 1770 dessert service of Prince Louis René Édouard, Cardinal de Rohan.

As usual, Ivan's website: contains much more information about both exhibits and marvelous pictures [as shown above] of the recreated tables, china, books, confectioner's tools and wooden moulds.

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