Monday, December 7, 2009

Egg Nogg Party

"Christmas in the South - Egg Nog Party" from Harper's Weekly, Dec. 31, 1870.  Links to recipes and literary references...


The recipe section has to be updated (but too much time on the Calendar of virtual food history talks now, 2021), so when sent to Feeding America, search by title.

Domestic Cookery. Eliza Leslie.. 1840 Egg Nogg
Recollections of a Southern Matron By Caroline Howard Gilman. 1838 ...egg-nogg circulated freely, and at least a dozen large clothes-baskets of gingerbread...
Rambles about the Country by Elizabeth Fries Ellet 1840. Christmas Eve is usually celebrated by a large bowl of Egg Nog
The Cook and Housewife's Manual. by Christian Johnstone. 1847 Auld Man's Milk...nearly the egg-nogg of America.
Southern Literary Messenger 1849. Christmas Tree, the bowl of egg-nogg and the kindly superstition of old Santa ...
The American Poultry Yard: Comprising the Origin, History, and Description ... By Daniel Jay Browne 1850 ...preserved eggs ...Christmas ... ladies of their egg nog

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