Monday, August 17, 2009

Google Books

Google Books.  With thousands of cookbooks and many more related books, Google has become the largest collection of freely accessible e-texts, on any subject, on the web from the 18th century to the present.

Authors range from three editions of Hannah Glasse, Eliza Leslie's four cookbooks and many of her other works, to twelve of Sarah Tyson Rorer's cookbooks, including one published by Burpee's: "How to Cook Vegetables," 1891. Gardening books by the famed Richard Bradley (four titles) and Phillip Miller's "Gardener's Directory" and "Gardener's Kalendar" as well as American authors such as Thomas Green with the 1828 and 1842 editions of his "New American Gardener" are varied and numerous.
  The most efficient way to search is to go to Advanced book search. Type in keywords, author, or title. Since some books, generally the recently published, show limited previews, check the full view.
To further narrow the results, select dates (ie. 1700-1830). The powerful search engine finds subjects among the works, and each book can be searched individually.
The pages appear as they are printed in the book. To be able to copy and paste a section, click on "Plain text" - found in the top right of the page. 'PDF' if clicked, will upload the entire work. You can easily read each page of the book, copy or 'save as' photograph.

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