Monday, August 24, 2009

300 Years of Kitchen Collectibles by Linda Campbell Franklin

300 Years of Kitchen Collectibles is a must for any museum or cook. The almost 900 pages are filled with detailed information, period illustrations, modern photographs of items, and excerpts from historic books, magazines, trade journals, patents, and more.

The most recent edition is from 2003, but the information is still pertinent and essential in identifying kitchen items use... even what it may be called. Although prices are given, most of us do not use it as a price guide.

Reproduction Alerts are scattered throughout the entries which are very helpful to those looking to buy antique items. The detailed descriptions, which include marks and other identifying features are also helpful.

The book is divided into Preparing; Measuring; Holding & Handling; Cooking; Preserving; Furniture; Electric Gadgets and Appliances; and Researching [Patents, Bibliography, Visual Glossary of parts & handles, and a German-English Glossary] and Index.

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