Monday, April 9, 2018

Secret communal bread ovens during the French Revolution

Some revolutionary period bake ovens still remain in the Dordogne area.  Before the French Revolution began in 1789, rural ovens were owned by the wealthy overlords, then clandestine ovens were built in the woods to feed the peasants.

One young builder, called "Jacques le Croquant" was captured and killed a couple months before the French Revolution ended in 1794. In 2007 a French movie Jacques le Croquant was released on the subject.

The photo, and many others may be viewed HERE   Walking Dordogne has a six hour hike, “In the footsteps of Jacques le Croquant” to five original illegal ovens and other sites, including a Templar Hospital ruin, caves, and more.

Does anyone know more about these fascinating ovens? 

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