Monday, December 7, 2009

Egg Nogg Party

"Christmas in the South - Egg Nog Party" from Harper's Weekly, Dec. 31, 1870.  Links to recipes and literary references...

Recollections of a Southern Matron By Caroline Howard Gilman. 1838 ...egg-nogg circulated freely, and at least a dozen large clothes-baskets of gingerbread...
Rambles about the Country by Elizabeth Fries Ellet 1840. Christmas Eve is usually celebrated by a large bowl of Egg Nog
The Cook and Housewife's Manual. by Christian Johnstone. 1847 Auld Man's Milk...nearly the egg-nogg of America.
Southern Literary Messenger 1849. Christmas Tree, the bowl of egg-nogg and the kindly superstition of old Santa ...
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