Monday, July 6, 2009

Raffald's Chocolate Puffs

To begin this blog, here is my modern interpretation of one of my favorite receipts [recipe]. It is easy to make, and is always among the samples for my chocolate talk.  Raffald's 1786:


Beat and sift half a pound of double-refined sugar, scrape into it one ounce of chocolate very fine; mix them together. Beat the white of an egg to a very high froth, then strew in your sugar and chocolate, keep beating it till it is as stiff as a paste. Sugar your papers, and drop them on about the size of a sixpence, and bake them in a very slow oven.
Raffald, Elizabeth. The Experienced English Housekeeper. London: 1786

Making the recipe

1 egg white
1 C superfine sugar
1 oz unsweetened chocolate - grated

Beat the egg white stiff. Add the superfine sugar and 1 oz. grated chocolate, stirring until well mixed. Drop on baking paper. Bake in a slow [300] oven for 25-30 min. The puffs will double in size.
©2009 Patricia Bixler Reber

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