Sunday, May 12, 2024

Mothers and children by the fire

Happy Mother's Day.
This is one of my favorite pictures ... a Russian stove 1803 by Atkinson. Interesting baby keeper and a sleeper on the top.

Upcoming talks for the rest of the month, listed below.
First pic: John Augustus Atkinson (1775–1830) Isba. Russian stove 1803
Second pic: William Collins (1788–1847) A Country Kitchen. 1811. Victoria and Albert Museum.
Third pic: Frederick Hardy (1827-1911) Expectation: Interior of Cottage with Mother and Children. at Royal Holloway. U of London.


May 14 Tue 6:30 Food Innovation. Taproom Tastings. Catherine Prescott, Mary Tsaltas-Ottomanelli. Keeler Tavern Museum; & Hendrick I. Lott House. Donation HERE TAPE HERE

May 16 Thu 12:30 The Pan-Africanism of Jollof Rice in the 20th century. Dr. William Blakemore Lyon. IHR The Institute of Historical Research HERE

May 17 Fri 2 Food without Borders: High in the Himalayas. Nepal “exploring the essence of flavor-building, food preparation techniques and the uses of various spices and plants across cultures.” AARP not need membership HERE

May 18 Sat 2 Hot Brown Sandwich. [Ky Derby May 4] Cuisine of Different Cultures. Atlantic Institute HERE

May 18 Sat 9pm Southeast Asian Ferments and Cultures. Connie Chew. Cultures.Group. HERE

May 19 Sun 4 Detroit’s 1910 Kosher Meat Riot. Dr. Catherine Cangany. CHAA Culinary Historians of Ann Arbor HERE TAPE may be HERE

May 20 Mon 5:30-7 Fine Dining on the Rails: History of the Pullman Train Car. Becky Libourel Diamond. New York Adventure Club. Tape one week $12 HERE

May 20 Mon 7AM Evolving Foodscapes: A Spatial History of Hawkers in Singapore. from “itinerant street hawking to licensed hawking from stalls in fixed markets or centres.” Dr Bryan Wee. National Library Board, Singapore HERE

May 21 Tue 11:30 AM Dining with Nobility temp exhibit in Palazzo Sorbello, Perugia Italy. Virtual visit. “traditions of 18th-century society: dining, gastronomy and the art of setting the table” Patrizia Blanquart. World Virtual Tours. donation HERE

May 22 Wed 12:30 Identity and Regionality: Yeoman Farmers in Fifteenth- and Sixteenth-Century England. Dr. Louisa Foroughi. IHR The Institute of Historical Research HERE

May 22 Wed 8 The Soul of Jewish Food. Dylan Maysick, owner Diaspora Dinners. Culinary Historians of Chicago. HERE TAPE may be HERE

May 23 Thu 12 We need to talk about : New Dialogues through FoodZines. Panel. Oxford Food Symposium Free – £15 HERE

May 23 Thu 6:30-8:15 Foods of New York. Susan & Art Zuckerman. Chelmsford Public Library HERE TAPE may be HERE

May 26 Sun 8-10pm A Century of Caesar’s Salad. Martin Lindsay. BACH Bay Area Culinary Historians HERE

May 28 Tue 12:30 Lords and common lands in England during the central middle ages. Hannah Boston. IHR The Institute of Historical Research HERE

May 29 Wed 8 AM Canine Cultivators: A Brief History of the ‘Gardener's Best Friend’. Peter Robinson. The Gardens Trust £8 HERE

May 30 Thu 12 Lunch and Learn: Spices. Laura Scheck. Brooklyn Brainery $18 HERE

May 30 Thu 12:30 Food as Power/Food as Weakness: Courtly dining between pomp and poison. “a case of food crisis at the end of the reign of the "Great" Elector of Brandenburg-Prussia (1640-1688) following the death of his son, Ludwig.” Molly Taylor-Poleskey. IHR The Institute of Historical Research HERE


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