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Victory Gardens, Plants, Farms and Barns talks

May and June 20 talks UPDATE. There were over 25 talks in April on Victory Gardens WWII (War Gardens WW1), Medieval & Colonial gardens, 2 on White House gardens, Indeginous food & plants and more. There are also many taped talks from the past year on gardens, seeds, sugar beets, Manoomin (Wild Rice), farms and a few on livestock and stone walls.


May 3 Mon 10PM The Olive in California: History of an Immigrant Tree. author Dr. Judith Taylor. Saratoga Historical Foundation HERE TAPE HERE

May 5 Wed 7:30-9 PM Famine Foods: Plants We Eat to Survive. “examine alternative foods in human societies throughout the world, from hunter-gatherers to major nations.” Paul Minnis. University of Arizona Press HERE TAPE HERE

Famine Food Database Robert Freedman at Purdue U HERE

May 13 Thur 1:30 The Earliest Botanic Gardens in the Middle East. Shahina Ghazanfar. London Natural History Society HERE TAPE HERE

May 18 Tue 7 Preserving the Kauffman Farm: over 250 years of Pennsylvania German Agriculture. “a very well preserved farmstead in the Oley Valley… owned by the Kauffman family for 271 years.” now owned by non-profit. Jim Lewars. Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum HERE Oley Valley Heritage Assn 2019 TAPE HERE

May 21 Fri 12 Open Orchard School: Heirloom Stonefruit. “public orchard containing 100 trees and hundreds of rare and heirloom varieties once grown in the NYC region, but which have disappeared due to climate change and industrial agriculture… stories of these rare stonefruits (such as peaches, plums, apricots, nectarines, and cherries).” Sam Van Aken. NYC Parks GreenThumb HERE TAPES may be HERE

May 30 Sun 5-7 Sunday in the Park. “The Lu &Tiree Herb Garden in Valtice [Czech]…300 herb species... 18th Century orphans in Valtice Franz and Ferdinand Bauer, who later became world-renown botanic artists. Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences(SVU), New York Chapter HERE TAPE HERE

Jun 14 Mon 9 Using Remote Sensing in your historic designed landscapes research. “lidar, geophysics, aerial photography and drones.” Keith Challis, Remote Sensing Co-ordinator at the National Trust. Series on researching and recording historic designed landscapes. Also May 17 share your research/pics. The Gardens Trust HERE

Jun 15 Tue 7-8:30 Foraging, Food, and Myth: Edible Weeds. Felicity Roberts, Ryley Bucek. Atlas Obscura $25 HERE

Jun 29 Tue 1:30-3 The Gardens of Westminster Abbey. History, and proposal to be “closer to the monastic garden of herbs, vegetables, vines and fruit trees.” Jan Pancheri. The Thorney Island Society £10 HERE

Jul 22 Thur 6:30 The Great Stone Barn: A Virtual Tour. “Largest stone barn in US” 100 years. Jerry Grant. Shaker Museum NY $25 HERE

Dr. Clarissa F. Dillon has been cooking at the hearth and will be back in the garden of the 1696 Massey House west of Philadelphia, where she has been taped working since May 2020 in the One Cool Colonial series. Upcoming and past 10 min. taped segments HERE




Planting Hope: The History of Victory Gardens and How to Plant Them. “This pre-recorded Facebook Premier program will be broadcast on the NMUSN Facebook page Apr 2021 TAPE HERE National Museum of the United States Navy

Victory Gardens During WWII. by Wisconsin Maritime Museum. Facebook Live (manitowoclibrary) Manitowoc Public Library WI Apr 2021 HERE TAPE HERE

Digging into the History of Victory Gardens. Anastasia Day (topic for PhD at UDel). Austin Organic Gardeners TAPE HERE

Chicago Victory Gardens: Yesterday and Tomorrow. LaManda Joy. Library of Congress 2011 TAPE HERE

Exploring Victory Gardens - How A Nation of Vegetable Growers Helped to Win the War. Judith Sumner. GBH forum Network (Boston’s WGBH TV) TAPE HERE

War Gardens (WWI), Victory Gardens (WWII) links to 3 original gardens, 3 recreated ones, and reading selections from 1917-1945 HERE


Colonial & Early American Gardens – great blog by Barbara W. Sarudy. And checkout the links to her other blogs HERE

Civil War Medicinal Gardens. Greg Susla. National Museum of Civil War Medicine. TAPE HERE

The Earliest Botanic Gardens in the Middle East. Shahina Ghazanfar. London Natural History Society. May 13 HERE TAPE HERE

Growing Personalities Gardens of Gunston Hall, Monticello, and Mount Vernon. Gunston. Facebook Aug 7 TAPE HERE

Foods of 18th-century tenant farmers. Gunston Hall, VA  cooking on a stove. Supplies list, worksheet (puzzle) build tenant farm. Aug 15 Tape HERE

Sugar beets Freedom from the New World: the invention of beet sugar. “history of sugar in the nineteenth century is generally told as a war between these two [beet and sugar cane] industries.” David Singerman, Manuel A. Bautista Gonz├ílez. BizHizCol Global Apr 6 2021 HERE TAPE will be HERE

How The Potato Changed The World. Potatoes: The Conquerer Crop. Rebecca Earle author of Feeding the People: The Politics of the Potato Oct 2020 TAPE HERE

Feeding the People: The Politics of the Potato. Rebecca Earle author. Cambridge University Press. Oct 2020 TAPE HERE

Irish Potato Famine, 1847-1852 TAPE HERE

Horticulture, History, and Immigrants: Systems Altering This Land. Wambui Ippolito. US Botanical Garden, Apr 2020 HERE

The Remarkable Life of Anna Kliest. Botanist (published works on north Georgia plants), Moravian missionary among the Cherokees, artist. Cherokee healers. Anna Rosina Kliest Gambold (1762 - 1821). Victoria Starbuck. The Moravian Historical Society Apr 14 2021 TAPE HERE

Around the World in 80 Plants. “pineapples were hired out for parties, or that there are fruit whose ripening responds to sound, or why bananas are perfect for nightclubs?” Jonathan Drori author. Linnean Society of London Apr 22 2021 TAPE HERE

Around the World in 80 Gardens. Dr. Richard Benfield HERE

All the Presidents’ Gardens: Madison’s Cabbages to Kennedy’s Roses. “the plants whose favor has come and gone over the years and the gardeners who have been responsible for it all.” author Marta McDowell. United States Botanic Garden, DC. Apr 25 2021 TAPE HERE

Farm News Before Facebook. “Gleanings from the Agricultural Press, 1830-1900” Steve Gordon. Friends of Ohio Barns. Apr 28 2021 TAPE HERE

Local Farmers Markets. “Fourteen farmers markets are currently active in the greater Sacramento Region… past and present.” Renaissance Society. Apr 28 2021 TAPE HERE

USBG at 200 (Part 1): Deeply Rooted. US Botanic Garden in DC started 1820. United States Botanic Garden, DC. Apr 29 2021 HERE TAPE may be HERE


Manoomin: The Story of Wild Rice in Michigan. Barbara Barton. Culinary Historians of Ann Arbor Oc 18 HERE TAPE will be HERE or HERE

Manoomin (Wild Rice). PBS documentary “about wild rice in the Ojibwe’s history and spiritual culture and the traditional procedures for harvesting, processing, and cooking wild rice in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.” Dr. Michael Loukinen Mar 2021 TAPE HERE


Garden: Collecting seeds. Gunston Hall, VA Joel Fry of Bartram's Garden (talked about Bartram, his Garden, and the 18th cen seed packets found at Woodlawn in Phila.) and Ryan Dostal talked about saving seeds, hand pollinating, and folding paper packets. A handout with items to 'do along'. Aug 22 TAPE HERE

Our Seeds are our Stories - Special Seed Week Event. The Gaia Foundation Jan 20 TAPE HERE

Seed Saving & Food Sovereignty. Indigenous communities across the globe. Grains & Revolution. Chatham University. PA Nov 5 TAPE HERE

Sharing Seeds: our first treaty. Beth Roach. Haudenosaunee Story of Creation. Alliance of Native Seedkeepers TAPE HERE

Eighteenth-Century Seeds & the Case for Greening Book History. Maria Zytaruk. The Library Company of Phila. Se 2020 HERE Se 2020 TAPE HERE


CA That Farm Town, Los Angeles. Charles Perry. Culinary Historians of Southern California. Jan 9 HERE TAPE HERE

MA Round Stone Barn. Hancock Shaker Village TAPE HERE

NC An Appalachian Farm & Barn Tour --Two Centuries of the Anderson Homeplace. Four barns spanning two centuries with "four arcitecture types… [3 log barns and one tobacco slat barn, thoroughly explained] in this iconic farmstead in the Mars Hill area just north of Asheville.” Taylor Barnhill. Appalachian Barn Alliance, NC. Tape can be bought thru Apr 30, [perhaps can still be bought from Alliance.]reviewable $5 HERE

NC Appalachian Barn Alliance barns database HERE

NY Great Stone Barn, 1859 largest stone cattle barn in America, Shakers. Mount Lebanon. TAPE HERE

NY Grassroots Leviathan: Agricultural Reform and the Rural North in the Slaveholding Republic. by author Dr. Ariel Ron. The Library Company of Philadelphia. Sept 10 HERE TAPE HERE

NY The Nature of the Future: Agriculture, Science and Capitalism in the Antebellum North. NY 1800-1861 Emily Pawley. The Library Company of Philadelphia. Dec 10 HEREcalendar TAPE HERE

NY Life on the Farm: Legacies of Dutch Colonial Brooklyn. “use unique archival material to tell stories of colonial family life, slavery, and power, and the lasting legacies of colonial Brooklynites.” Educators 1.5 CTLE credits. Brooklyn Connections. Ap 2021 HERE TAPE HERE ///

OH An Architectural Heritage in Ohio's Rural Landscape. “the traditional barn and house types found on Ohio farms.” Tom O'Grady. Friends of Ohio Barns. Mar 2021 HERE

OH Converting Living History into Living Space. 1810 barn. Ric Beck. Friends of Ohio Barns. Feb 2021 TAPE HERE

OH Barn Stewardship. Rudy Christian, Caleb Miller. Friends of Ohio Barns. Feb 2021 TAPE HERE

OH Apr 28 Wed 7 Farm News Before Facebook. “Gleanings from the Agricultural Press, 1830-1900” Steve Gordon. Friends of Ohio Barns. HERE TAPE may be HERE

PA Pennsylvania Farming: A History in Landscapes. author Sally McMurry talk on myriad of aspects from before 1800 to current. State Library of Pennsylvania Jan 11 HERE. Terrific talk TAPE HERE

PA Preserving the Kauffman Farm: over 250 years of Pennsylvania German Agriculture. “a very well preserved farmstead in the Oley Valley… owned by the Kauffman family for 271 years.” now owned by non-profit. Jim Lewars. Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum May 2021 HERE Oley Valley Heritage Assn 2019 TAPE HERE

DC Lost Farms and Estates of Washington, D.C book by Kim Prothro Williams. Capitol Hill Restoration Society. Nov 18 TAPE HERE

UK Traditional Farm Buildings of the Yorkshire Dales . Such as “field barns.” James Brightman. Thornton-le-Street History UK Jan 21 HERE TAPE HERE

UK A farmer-miner landscape: cowhouses and smallholdings in Castle Bolton. Hannah Kingsbury. Yorkshire Vernacular Buildings Study Group UK Feb 2021 TAPE HERE

UK Historic Farmsteads on the Solway. 16-17th cen. very detailed layout, buildings, clay, stone. Dr Peter Messenger. Solway Coast Area of Outstanding Beauty. Dec 3 HERE TAPE HERE

History of Food Provisioning for Amsterdam. Early center of grain trade, 16th cen. Piet van Cruyningen and Koen van der Gaast. Food Council MRA Nov 18 TAPE HERE


Pig History and Big History. Jamie Kreiner author of Legions of Pigs in the Early Medieval West. Institute of Historical Research Dec 2 HERE TAPE HERE

The Craven Heifer: the biography of a beast. At the turn of the nineteenth century breed larger cattle, sheep, pigs that became status symbols, seen in paintings. Carl Griffin. Animal History Group IHR MAR 17 HERE TAPE may be HERE


Sermons in Stone: Stone Walls of New England. “In 1871 there were 252,539 miles of stone walls in New England and New York.” Often around farm fields. author Susan Allport. Falmouth Museums on the Green HERE Mar 25 TAPE HERE or earlier talk 2015 HERE

The History and Structure of Stone Walls. Talk and builds example using large pebbles. No ppt, in person. Kevin Gardner. Vermont libraries. Jan 8 2020 TAPE HERE

Peat harvesting blog post pre 1920 photos montage and talks HERE


Apr 7 Wed 1:30-3 [10 weeks] The Origins and Evolution of Plants. Dr Mark Spencer, Forensic botanist and Botany Curator at The Linnean Society. Topics listed at link. £10 per talk or £60 for 10 SLBI HERE /

War Garden posters 1918 (reddish), 1939 from Library of Congress

Calendar of food history talks - current month HERE

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