Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Long neck pumpkins

How to cut a long neck pumpkin to make Pumpkin Pickles.

Last week I cut the long neck pumpkin, which I bought in Lancaster, Pa. In the past, I have used up to 5 sugar pumpkins per week, as seen in a posting from last year: Pumpkin Chips
The seeds are only in the round end, so I was able to get over 18 cups of chip sized pieces from the neck to make Pumpkin Chips and Pumpkin Pickles.

My last photo shows a portion of finished Pumpkin Pickles with long pepper, chunks of nutmeg, whole cloves, mace and cinnamon. One problem I faced with this particular type of pumpkin was the skin peeling from my hand afterwards. It was the hand which held the moist pumpkin slices as I cut them into small pieces. Although annoying, it did not stop me from buying another long neck yesterday, and now I wear kitchen gloves.

©2010 Patricia Bixler Reber

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