Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Navy Holiday Menus

There are several menus from ships and on-shore facilities listed at: Holiday Menus. Naval History and Heritage Command. DC Navy Yard 1905-1969

The USS Oregon Christmas menu for 1917 included "Relishes: Ripe olives, Celery, Green onions, Radishes; Soup: Oyster soup; Entrees: Spiced sugar cured ham; Roasts: Roast young Tom turkeys, Cranberry sauce, Giblet gravy, Chestnut dressing; Vegetables: Candied sweet potatoes, Poatato croquettes; Salad: Fruit salad; Des[s]ert: Fruit cake, Hard sauce, Lemon meringue pie, Assorted candies, Assorted nuts, Cluster raisins, Ice cream, Candy canes; Cigars, Cigarettes, Coffee - George H. Upton, Chief Commissary Stweard, United States Navy."

Photo from: California Military Museum

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